“At tanglescape we understand that a dress is a vogue fantasy come true, topped with quality and experience, worn to pump up one’s personal style statement”


Welcome to tanglescape. Tanglescape was launched in 2018 catering the fashion consumers with the latest trends of the industry. The brand strives to deliver the extra-ordinary catalogue with a promise of luxury and quality. We endeavour to meet the de of our clientele with an enchanting shopping experience. 


Our collection is inspired by the high street fashion from fashion capitals London, Milan, France, Newyork, Tokyo, etc. We have a team dedicated to study and forecast high couture fashion looks, selecting the exemplary products and perfecting the chic look with a sprinkle of sassiness. 


Tanglescape is a parent label founded is 2018 with a market driven model of a fashion brand to provide best-value fashion products and services to global women consumers. The label has been introduced  to deliver women of any age, ethnicity and figure with effortlessly high quality garments that meet their expectations of luxury in comfort clothing.  



Our vision is to create an efficient and a smooth supply chain to meet the demand of affordable clothing without compromising the latest trend and more significantly standardised.

Young Women with Shopping Bags