Frequently asked questions

How can I return my order?

Please note we don't offer return. We offer exchanges only

For how many times can I avail exchange?

Please ensure that we provide exchange only one per order

In which circumstances can I get an exchange for my product?

You can avail exchange offer in following circumstances:- 1) If the product received by you doesn't fit you right. 2)If you have received damage products.

What if my order get's unfulfilled?

In case of unfulfilled order, we would cancel the order and issue the credit note back to you.

How & When can I get the credit note?

You will be notified about cancellation and will receive the credit note via Email.

For how long is my credit note acceptable?

The coupon/credit balance for any order cancelled by us can be used for a future purchase within 12 months on tanglescape.com.

Within how much duration can I return my product for exchange?

The parcel of an exchange received by us should be Unused & Unwashed, Returned within 72 HOURS.

Till when can I place size request for the product?

For size exchanges, you need to place the size exchange request within 72 hours of delivery to maintain our hygiene policy.

How do I find the sizes for the product?

we have a specialised team of Stylists dedicated for the same to guide you with the best.
You may also click on WhatsApp Icon, for further help regarding sizes.

Can I get refunds on cancellation?

No, we do not provide refunds.We only provide exchanges in case of misfit size or damaged product. In case of failed delivery due to unavailability of garment or due to some other reason, you will be issued credit note via email.

Does Tanglespace deliver products outside US?

Currently we are delivering products across US and Canada.

What is the estimated delivery time for an order?

We deliver within 15 days, but due to covid scenario it may take little to reach.